The Experience

When you enter a Rejuve space, you’ll find a calm atmosphere focused around your time for rejuvenation. Our booth is made from beautiful, natural hardwood and has double frosted glass doors letting natural light fill the insides, while still providing you with the utmost privacy.


Inside the booth you’ll find a platform to sit on for changing in and out of your clothes, and a cabinet on the back wall to keep your clothes safe and dry while inside.


When your session starts, the Rejuve booth will fill with our signature mist. You'll quickly feel the mist start to lightly condensate on your hair and skin, as it immediately gets to the rejuvenating feeling on your body. 


Broad range spectrum lights inside the booth excite the precious ions in the Rejuve mist, helping you feel even more rejuvenated.


RealU-1230 (1).jpg


Rejuve sessions are meant for everyone! Rejuve has great benefits for all ages, skin and hair types, and body types. The difference Rejuve makes can be immediately felt, and people love to talk about how much softer and healthier their skin appears right away!